Czech Republic wants to regulate, rather than ban, synthetic cannabinoids made from CBD

July 31, 2023 by João Xabregas, CannaReporter

The Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic has announced its decision to regulate, rather than ban, the production of synthetic compounds derived from CBD from hemp, which are likely to generate psychotropic effects. Initially, those responsible for food safety proposed a complete ban on these products. However, the government now intends to establish clear guidelines for its sale and control.

The Czech Parliament is currently considering an amendment proposal that imposes restrictions on substances such as HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) and other synthetic psychoactive products. Key regulations provide that these products are only sold to individuals aged 18 or over, under the supervision of a salesperson (not in vending machines) and with a ban on advertising.

One of the focus areas of the regulation is lab-produced CBD-based compounds that mimic the “high” felt when consuming cannabis. These products are created through laboratory processes that involve CBD and its manipulation, in order to create new compounds. The emergence of HHC initially led to concerns that CBD itself would be banned in the Czech Republic, but the government ended up abandoning this position.

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