Czech journalist Robert Veverka sentenced to pay 10.000 euros for “promoting drug addiction”

March 7, 2023 from CannaReporter

As reported last week by Cannareporter, the journalist and editor Robert Veverka was recently convicted for “inciting addictive substance abuse” and for “spreading drug addiction through its magazine” Legalizace. Cannareporter caught up with Robert Veverka to find out what the verdict was in his latest trial.

According to Robert Veverka, speaking to Cannareporter, the judge of the Regional Court of Ostrava determined that he must pay an administrative offense of €4.000 (as a defendant and a natural person) and €6.000 for his publisher, the Legal Publishing, SRO, responsible for publishing the magazine Legalizace. A total of €10.000 for “spreading drug addiction”, according to the prosecution’s allegations. However, Veverka is still awaiting the Court’s written statement of reasons.

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