European Cannabis Social Clubs Explained

Editor’s note: This contribution was submitted by Michael Sassano, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Somai Pharmaceuticals LTD, a European biotech firm that distributes cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals throughout the European Union and globally. As recreational cannabis talks increase all around Europe, the term “social clubs” keeps getting bandied about. The formal understanding is that social clubs are not-for-profit associations that

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Medical Cannabis Pilot Project Proposed In Iceland

The concept of cannabis commerce pilot projects is not a new thing and is seemingly growing in popularity among policymakers and regulators in Europe. The latest example of that can be found in Iceland, where a proposal was recently submitted to launch a medical cannabis-focused pilot project. For those that may be unfamiliar with cannabis commerce pilot projects, medical and

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Temporary Framework In Lieu Of Novel Foods Regulation Allows CBD To Be Registered As Food Supplement In France

FRENCH authorities have implemented a new ‘temporary framework’ for CBD allowing it to be registered and sold as a food supplement for the first time. According to the proponents of the new framework, this development will significantly expand opportunities for CBD businesses in the country, opening the door for products to be sold with confidence by France’s largest retailers and

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UK Study Fails To Identify Cannabis As A Risk Factor For Development Of Psychosis

Cannabis opponents and mainstream media outlets have claimed for many years that cannabis is bad for human brains. As part of their claim, opponents often suggest that cannabis use causes psychosis. Psychosis is a serious mental health condition that is always worthy of research and thoughtful discussion, which is why public health strategies should be led by science and not

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As New Details Of Germany’s Adult-Use Proposals Emerge, What Opportunities Remain For Business?

MORE details of Germany’s proposed bill to regulate adult-use cannabis clubs have come to light a week after the first draft of the highly anticipated legal frameworkwas submitted to the ‘departmental vote’. Early information published inlocal mediasuggests that Germany’s proposed cannabis clubs will likely be purely ‘cultivation associations’, with consumption of cannabis banned anywhere within a 250-metre radius. While the

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Spain’s Minister Of Health Says Medical Cannabis Regulations Are On The Way

Spain has long served as a unique home for cannabis public policy. Technically, medical cannabis is prohibited in many instances in Spain, with the nation’s legal medical cannabis industry largely built around research and exports. Domestic medical cannabis patients are almost always left on the outside looking in and have to resort to unregulated sources for their medicine. Fortunately for

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The doctor’s perspective: Everything you need to know about prescribing medical cannabis

April 6, 2023 from Cannabis Health Consultant psychiatrist and cannabis clinician, Dr Tahzid Ahsan, delves deeper into the nuances of prescribing and the key points for both patients and doctors to consider. In this article, I will reflect in more detail about the nuances of prescribing and the important points for patients to be aware of, starting with psychiatric conditions.

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Worried about attending an event with medical cannabis?

March 28, 2023 from leafie Despite over four years of legalisation, topics around medical cannabis remain shrouded in doubt and even stigma in the UK. Having often come through extremely difficult circumstances just to access their medicines, many patients are still uncertain about their rights – and the uncertainties don’t end with the patient. In a country where a significant

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Switzerland: Zurich advances with pilot project to sell cannabis to adult residents

March 24, 2023 from CannaReporter The Swiss government has given the green light to the city of Zurich to launch an experimental program that will authorize the consumption and sale of cannabis to adults, starting this summer. The pilot project is part of Switzerland’s efforts to assess the real effects of the legalization of adult cannabis use on its population.

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