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Malta’s Cannabis Authority Publishes New ‘Fine Tuned’ Rules For Cannabis Clubs, But Stakeholders ‘Still Finding It Impossible’ To Set Up Associations

June 6, 2023 by Ben Stevens, Business Of Cannabis | Europe Malta’s Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC) has updated its pioneering regulatory framework for adult-use cannabis following widespread criticism from stakeholders. In a press conference in mid-May, Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms, Rebecca Buttigieg, and the head of ARUC, Leonid McKay, laid out the new set of

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Cannabis-Legalisierung: Wie dem Staat Steuer-Einnahmen in Milliardenhöhe flötengehen

Cannabis soll in Deutschland noch in diesem Jahr entkriminalisiert werden. Allerdings sind die Pläne der Ampel deutlich abgespeckter als zunächst erwartet. Dadurch verliert der Staat viel Geld. Berlin – Gesundheitsminister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) hat Ende April seinePläne zur Entkriminalisierung von Cannabisvorgelegt. Aktuell befindet sich der Gesetzesentwurf in der Ressortabstimmung, noch vor der Sommerpause will die Regierung das Gesetz durch Bundestag

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How Will German Legalization Affect Europe’s Emerging Cannabis Industry?

As a long-time cannabis activist in the United States, I have personally witnessed the ‘cannabis political butterfly effect.’ Cannabis activists worked at the state level to legalize medical cannabis for many years with no victories in the United States, although it wasn’t for lack of effort. That all changed in 1996 with the passage of medical cannabis legalization in California.

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Spain’s Minister Of Health Says Medical Cannabis Regulations Are On The Way

Spain has long served as a unique home for cannabis public policy. Technically, medical cannabis is prohibited in many instances in Spain, with the nation’s legal medical cannabis industry largely built around research and exports. Domestic medical cannabis patients are almost always left on the outside looking in and have to resort to unregulated sources for their medicine. Fortunately for

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European Cannabis Social Clubs Explained

Editor’s note: This contribution was submitted by Michael Sassano, CEO and Chairman of the Board for Somai Pharmaceuticals LTD, a European biotech firm that distributes cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals throughout the European Union and globally. As recreational cannabis talks increase all around Europe, the term “social clubs” keeps getting bandied about. The formal understanding is that social clubs are not-for-profit associations that

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German Health Minister Sees Legalization’s Success In Canada Firsthand

Arguably the most popular person in the international cannabis scene right now, for better or worse, is German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. Minister Lauterbach made international headlines in October 2022 when he presented a plan to Germany’s federal cabinet and has served as a primary focus of international cannabis observers like myself ever since. For several months cannabis advocates watched

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Medical Cannabis Pilot Project Proposed In Iceland

The concept of cannabis commerce pilot projects is not a new thing and is seemingly growing in popularity among policymakers and regulators in Europe. The latest example of that can be found in Iceland, where a proposal was recently submitted to launch a medical cannabis-focused pilot project. For those that may be unfamiliar with cannabis commerce pilot projects, medical and

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Iceland: proposed pilot project could permit use of medical cannabis

A four-year pilot project, which would permit the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes in Iceland, has been proposed by policymakers. Following a debate inAlþingi[Icelandic parliament] last week, officials have proposed a four-year pilot project to permit the use of medical cannabis, as well as the cultivation, production and distribution of cannabis-based products for medicinal use. If approved, the Ministry

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Des détails émergent sur « l’ultra-régulation » des Cannabis Clubs en Allemagne

Un document que s’est procuré l’Agence de presse allemande laisse entrevoir lesprojets du gouvernement allemandpour réglementer, fortement, les futurs Cannabis Clubs, des associations qui produiront du cannabis pour leurs membres et sans but lucratif. Selon les détails du projet, qui est loin d’être définitif, les associations à but non lucratif pourraient être opérationnelles dès la fin de cette année. Le

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Proposals For Regulated Cannabis Market May End Up In European Court, Says Official

Prague, May 29 (CTK) – The planned introduction of a legal, regulated cannabis market in the Czech Republic may end up in the European Court of Justice, said national drug policy coordinator Jindrich Voboril at the Cannabis Summit conference in Prague this weekend. However, he said he believed this to be the best option, as prohibition has been proven not

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