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EUCannaJobs is the go-to place for both employers and job-seekers who are involved in the legal cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry in Europe. The industry will continue to grow quickly as more countries join the medical cannabis movement and as CBD continues to prove its worth in the medical community. Research, cultivation and retail positions are currently hard to find and hard to fill without a centralized point for the employers and employees to come together and we are filling this important role. We also strive to provide accurate, up-to-date information for employers and employees, especially as many companies and people are new to this industry.

Our team consists of people who have been on the job-seeker side and on the employer side of the European cannabis industry as well as IT experts who are thoroughly familiar with online job platforms.

EUCannaJobs is the leading cannabis industry job board. Browse cannabis-related jobs found at the dispensaries, doctors’ offices, cultivation centers, delivery services, manufacturing, packaging, marketing and more!

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