50% of people in the UK may be eligible for medical cannabis, survey finds

July 5, 2023 by LIAM O’DOWD, leafie

A report published by Releaf suggests that half of the people living in the UK could be eligible for a medicinal cannabis prescription.

The survey, conducted online in April 2023, sought to understand the conditions members of the public have been formally diagnosed with and their broader understanding and awareness of cannabis as a viable medical treatment. A nationally representative sample of 4210 people were involved in the research, making this study the largest of its kind to date, a Releaf press release said.

The results indicate that 29.6 million people, half of the UK’s adult population, have at least one diagnosed medical condition which could be eligible for treatment with medicinal cannabis. 45.6% of those people in the research with a condition treatable with medicinal cannabis reported living with significant distress and discomfort. 32.83% of respondents said their condition had limited their ability to work or study, while 1 in 4 (25.15%) said they were worried about their future health.

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