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The potential of CBDV in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

March 26, 2023 from Magazin Konopi Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is a structural analogue of CBD and has gained attention in recent years due to its anticonvulsant (ie seizure-reducing) properties and potential in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. This time, a team of Chinese scientists investigated this phytocannabinoid in connection with Parkinson’s disease. They chose Caenorhabditis elegans , i.e. the common

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Worried about attending an event with medical cannabis?

March 28, 2023 from leafie Despite over four years of legalisation, topics around medical cannabis remain shrouded in doubt and even stigma in the UK. Having often come through extremely difficult circumstances just to access their medicines, many patients are still uncertain about their rights – and the uncertainties don’t end with the patient. In a country where a significant

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The decriminalization of cannabis in Germany from 1 May?

March 24, 2023 from NewsWeed In the coming days, the German federal government is expected to unveil the direction it intends to take towards legalization. But before that, the German Federal Constitutional Court announced that it would make a decision on the constitutional situation of the cannabis ban. Could everything go very fast? Cannabis outside BtMG As reported by the

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Switzerland: Zurich advances with pilot project to sell cannabis to adult residents

March 24, 2023 from CannaReporter The Swiss government has given the green light to the city of Zurich to launch an experimental program that will authorize the consumption and sale of cannabis to adults, starting this summer. The pilot project is part of Switzerland’s efforts to assess the real effects of the legalization of adult cannabis use on its population.

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Cannabis improves quality of life in UK patients with chronic conditions

March 23, 2023 from Cannabis Health New data from the UK shows that medicinal cannabis improves quality of life in patients with a range of chronic conditions. Real-world analysis of over 2,500 patients enrolled on the UK Medical Cannabis Registry, which is run by Sapphire Medical Clinics, explores the effects of prescription cannabis on a broad range of chronic conditions.

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Medical cannabis in Germany – what you need to know about new regulations

March 21, 2023 from Cannabis Health New regulations for the prescription of medical cannabis in Germany are set to make it easier for to access the treatment under the public health insurance system. We take a look at the decision and what it means for patients. On Thursday 16 March, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), which is responsible for determining

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France sets temporary rules to keep $300 million market for CBD open

March 21, 2023 from HempToday French authorities have approved temporary guidelines which allow CBD products to be declared as food supplements and remain on the market pending authorization under the EU’s food safety program. The development sends positive signals to CBD hemp growers, producers and investors anxious to take advantage of the French CBD market, estimated at €300 million. “It

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Will Twitter’s ‘Relaxation’ On Cannabis Advertising Help Break The Industry’s SocMed Ad Embargo?

March 14, 2023 from BusinessCann TWITTER has become the first major social media platform to openly allow the advertisement of cannabis brands. Since the new policy was announced last month, US brands have scrambled to be among the first to promote themselves on the platform, with many already planning to spend tens of thousands of dollars of their advertising budgets,

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