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The List of Countries That Will Legalize Marijuana Before the US Gets Longer and Longer

September 18, 2022 What countries will have legal marijuana before the US legalizes it? Many people would agree that the United States federal policy is far behind the American mindset and, perhaps, even the global psyche as regards cannabis acceptance and legalization. Policies that govern cannabis in the United States have been quite trendy in mainstream media. But most often

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Fünf Jahre Cannabis als Medizin in Deutschland

15. September 2022 Interview mit Algea Care CEO Julian Wichmann: Hanf Magazin: Am 10. März jährte sich das Inkrafttreten des Cannabis als Medizin Gesetzes in Deutschland. Wie würdest Du die Anfänge, die viele Patienten wahrscheinlich als „Pleiten-Pech-und-Pannen-Phase“ wahrgenommen haben, aus heutiger Sicht beschreiben, oder auch beurteilen? Was war eher positiv und welche Fehler wurden gemacht?

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Deutscher Hanfverband stellt Konzept für die Cannabislegalisierung in Deutschland vor

19.September 2022 Interview mit Georg Wurth: Hanf Magazin: Mit den Eckpunkten des DHV-Legalisierungskonzeptes hofft der Hanfverband die politische Diskussion zu bereichern. Steht der Verband diesbezüglich auch in konkretem Kontakt mit den Parteien und den sich dort mit dem Thema beschäftigenden Personen? Wenn ja, welche Menschen sind das und wie ist die Resonanz auf die Inhalte?

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France: Experimentation with medical cannabis extended by one year. Patient associations condemn.

September 26, 2022 The Directorate General of Health (DGS) did not wait for the results of the experimentation with medical cannabis – which was to be submitted to Parliament today – to take its decision. It announced to manufacturers and doctors last Friday, and to patient associations this morning, the extension of the experimentation of medical cannabis by at least

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General elections in Italy and prospects for cannabis legalisation

September 20, 2022 In Italy, cannabis use is a well-established habit. Cannabis is the most widely used illegal substance in the country, with around 9.8% of Italians using it, or 6.1 million people. If citizens’ initiatives to legalize exist, showing popular support quickly stopped by the Constitutional Court, the substantive debate on the legalization of cannabis has never really begun

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Prohibition Treaties Will Not Stop Cannabis Legalization In Germany

September 14, 2022 I have helped work on cannabis reform efforts since the late 1990s when medical cannabis reform initiatives were being heavily pursued on the West Coast of the United States. Those efforts culminated in election victories in California in 1996, and Oregon and Washington in 1998. Since that time I have seen cannabis prohibitionists across the U.S. basically

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In Belgium, the Flemish Liberals and Democrats for a legalisation of cannabis

September 20, 2022 Around 250 Flemish Liberals and Democrats from the Open VLD party gathered in Antwerp on Saturday for a day of congress. The party approved a statement by the VLD Youth Party that cannabis should be legalised in Belgium. For the president of the party Egbert Lachaert: “The legalization of soft drugs is an important step. Nor is

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Study: THC Offers Symptomatic Relief for Tourette Syndrome

September 14, 2022 As many as one percent of people worldwide suffer from Tourette Syndrome to some degree, although many cases go undiagnosed. Tourette Syndrome is a nervous system disorder that involves the patient making repetitive movements and/or unwanted sounds. Most cases of Tourette Syndrome start when the sufferer is a child, with some cases getting worse as the patient

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