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Switzerland Loosens Medical Cannabis Rules and Allows Exports

eginning August 1, Switzerland will no longer require medical cannabis patients to request permission from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), allowing them to get prescriptions directly from their doctors, Forbes reports. The new rules effectively legalize medical cannabis nationally and allow the export of medical cannabis for commercial purposes, although the products are capped at 1% THC. The

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Is The European Union about to Legalize Recreational Cannabis? (South Africa Says Don’t Forget about Us!)

Officials from these European nations met a few days ago to talk about legalizing recreational cannabis, marking the first of what may be several other joint meetings that could include other countries later on. Cannabis law reform is currently sweeping the European continent, though the United Nations prevents member states from legalizing recreational marijuana. However, the countries released a joint

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Members of European Parliament Create Cross-party Group For Legalising Cannabis For Personal Use

FIVE members of the European Parliament from different political groups and different EU Member States have come together to create an interest group of MEPs who support human rights-based policies related to personal use of cannabis. In an open letter to the 705 Members of the European Parliament, encouraging Members of the European Parliament to join the group, MEPs Cyrus

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Court action challenges ban on sale of goods containing THC – Ireland

A test action challenging Ireland’s outright ban on the sale of any products containing the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis, has opened before the High Court. The action has been brought by Andrius Rogusas of Crowe Street, Dundalk, who on 21 October, 2020 had goods, namely oils that he imported from Slovenia, seized by Customs on the basis they were

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France reenters medical marijuana industry after more than a half-century hiatus – a cannabis histor

Early in 2022, the French legislature greenlighted the cultivation of cannabis inside French territory to supply the nation’s ongoing pilot program in medical marijuana. The clinical trials were launched in March 2021 with cannabis supplied from abroad and have been overseen by the country’s food and drug office, the Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament, or the National Agency for

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Debatte über THC-Obergrenze vom Drogenbeauftragten gefordert

Die Freigabe von Cannabis zu Genusszwecken befindet sich noch immer in der Planungsphase. Sicher ist, dass die Ampelkoalition die richtige Richtung einzuschlagen versucht und ein offenes Ohr für Experten aus aller Herren Ländern besitzt. Nach einem mehrtägigen Konsultationsprozess meldete sich auch der Gesundheitsminister Karl Lauterbach zu Wort und bekräftigte das Vorhaben, für das er bis Ende des Jahres einen Gesetzesentwurf

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Albania May Legalize Export-Only Medical Cannabis And Industrial Hemp

Albania may join the list of European countries that legalized the cultivation of medical cannabis and industrial. However, cultivation, production, and trade will be destined to export only. The Albanian government announced on Thursday, June 30, the plan to legalize the cultivation of medical cannabis and industrial hemp for companies that have such experience in European countries.

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